Wim Cops: flamenco guitar
Ruben Appermont: double bass
Wim Cops and Ruben Appermont:
music and compositions

'Alma de Lágrimas' in its purest form: guitar and double bass

Wim Cops and Ruben Appermont form the soul of the collective 'Alma de Lágrimas'. These two virtuoso and finely strung musicians do their signature compositions most justice in this styled lineup. Melancholic melodies on double bass with bow compete with the percussive rasgueados of the flamenco guitar.

'Alma de Lágrimas’ strength lies in its own work, which likes to use various southern music forms. In the search of the essence of their music, these two fine gentlemen continue to find surprising silences and contrasts in a refined musical architecture. Their backgrounds in Flamenco and Classical music form a natural symbiosis with Bossa, Tango and Jazz.

'Pura' is chamber music for the connoisseur of southern music!

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