Wim Cops: flamenco guitar
Ruben Appermont: double bass
Elise De Vliegher: vocals / dance
Phillip Bruffaerts: flamenco guitar
Bert Peyffers: percussion
Wim Cops and Ruben Appermont:
music and compositions

‘Alma de Lágrimas’ ensemble

Fireworks between two Flamenco guitars, a waterfall of sounds and rhythms on percussion, captivating renditions of song and poetry and of course the double bass and bow with melodies that always reach the soul of the tear ‘Alma de Lágrimas’. ‘Alma de Lágrimas’ is the collective founded by flamenco guitarist Wim Cops and double bassist Ruben Appermont. The artists perform their own work with southern music as a medium during these charming concerts.

By combining Wim’s Flamenco background and Ruben’s Classical training with experiences in Jazz, Tango and South American atmospheres, an organic mix of these styles is created. Powerful but also fragile, always in a refined way, they get to the core of their music. Travel to the sultry South with the ‘Alma de Lágrimas’ Ensemble. Discover this ensemble of top musicians for a solid and subtle concert that is guaranteed to leave an indelible impression.

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