Wim Cops: flamenco guitar
Ruben Appermont: double bass
Elise De Vliegher: vocals / dance
Wim Cops and Ruben Appermont:
music and compositions

‘Alma de Lágrimas’ in trio

One single chord can immediately enchant you into another world and this art is completely mastered by the gentlemen of 'Alma de Lágrimas'. Flamenco guitarist Wim Cops and double bassist Ruben Appermont provide an authentic and original sound experience with their bold compositions.
They can be found on stage in Trio with Elise De Vliegher in her favorite role as singer and dancer. Her experience as an actress takes the audience to the core of their music. In this styled lineup they provide an unforgettable concert.

An organic selection of elements from Flamenco, Classical, Jazz and South American traditions give direction to their music and concerts. Explosive silences and sensual melodies form the compass of «Alma de Lágrimas». Join them on a journey to a world filled with southern ambiance...

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